"Tandem Corriere Canadese"

Innocenzo Odescalchi is a young roman abstract artist who is visiting Toronto for an exhibit of his work.…Odescalchi attributes more to the city of Rome itself as an influence. “The whole scenery in Rome, the ancient paintings, the architecture. That has affected me,” he details. And, although his sweeping abstracts might be construed as rebellious, […]

Innocenzo Odescalchi

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Innocenzo directs his brush with angry determination, allowing water and oil based pigments to flow in happy abandon. The thick oil coalesce then separate from their chemical opposites in a primeval soup that clearly shows signs of life.


by Valentino Zeichen

“Sign and Image ”: Two-faced Janus; sign and image flow whimsically and like in a mirror while shapes develop. Their appearance and disappearance make them indissoluble ghosts twinned in the modern dilemma of any authentic painter; the dilemma of Moses and Aaron just to mention an example of a dilemma. Innocenzo Odescalchi feels its twofold […]


by Gianluca Marziani

Works take shape in silence in relaxed concentration and recount the chromatic skins of INNER LIFE. Almost as if an eye reminiscent of Caravaggio had had sunk into the microcosm of pigment, magnifying some inches of an old canvas seeking its soul within matter capturing everlasting energy. Innocenzo Odescalchi behaves like an abstract sounder, gauging […]


by Ludovico Pratesi

“Light leads me to action”. With this sentence Innocenzo Odescalchi refers to his painting as continuous searching for the light. Light that shines on night visions with auroral or evening glows, which suddenly hit vertigoes of matter, violent or fleeting gestural plots, thresholds and borders where paint plummets and changes to be enveloped in a […]