by Valentino Zeichen


“Sign and Image ”: Two-faced Janus; sign and image flow whimsically and like in a mirror while shapes develop. Their appearance and disappearance make them indissoluble ghosts twinned in the modern dilemma of any authentic painter; the dilemma of Moses and Aaron just to mention an example of a dilemma. Innocenzo Odescalchi feels its twofold presence while exploring the universe of abstraction with a procession in the alphabetical/stellar night, captive in a conjuring trick which only pictorial jest can deliver on canvas. Here is the imaginary altarpiece, above it pictography, which was on the tip of the tongue of speakers of a presumed civilization. Trickles of painted water canalize alphabetic furrows on that desert canvas. Linguists will flock, while the sand of wisdom will have soaked up the text and the presumed alphabet will merely be random matching to a tongue; freaks of nature, staples in a stapler, thread-basted by fate or by the volatility which stands in for the divine engraver who still has a substitute: a painter who mimics him in creative simulations.